INSOURCE Safety Associates provides services that embody the complete spectrum of employee safety, health and environmental issues, along with those having to do with technical compliance. In most cases these services are included in custom-designed programs developed to address and meet the particular safety and management objectives of our clients. Services are, for the most part, rendered on site, at the facilities of our clients.

Basic Services include…

  • Site Audits and Inspections,
  • Development, Review, Maintenance of Written Policies, Procedures and Plans,
  • Employee Training – on site, at our facilities, on line,
  • Compliance Services – OSHA, EPA/Environmental, DOT
  • Safety and Environmental Project and Program Management,
  • Client Consultative Support ,
  • Corporate Safety Culture Adjustment Initiatives,
  • Safety Program “Launch and Let Go” – we develop and implement a client’s safety program, then train the client’s personnel to management it.

General categories of Topics and Courses include…

  • General Safety – Best and Prudent Practices,
  • OSHA – General Industry,
  • OSHA – Construction ,
  • EPA/Environmental,
  • DOT,
  • Train-the-Trainer,
  • Safety Management.
INSOURCE is uniquely organized and capable of partnering with clients nationwide (throughout the U.S.) while addressing the particular local safety and environmental factors of the cities and states where facilities are located. With local business units in primary markets, INSOURCE ”Business Unit Directors” are mainly focused on establishing and maintaining relationships with clients whose facilities are within their local areas. INSOURCE Workplace Safety Professionals within each business unit are thoroughly familiar with local and state – as well as federal -- regulations affecting workplace safety and health. Working with our clients with multiple facilities scattered across the country the INSOURCE Strategic Clients Group is able to offer program consistency among facilities, apply efficiencies to integral corporate programs, and still provide the expertise required to meet requirements within the towns where facilities are located.

INSOURCE conducts various types of audits and inspections of clients’ facilities. Some are simple “walk-throughs” to give us an idea of factors that need to be considered in beginning to formulate plans. Some are extensive and are geared to provide detailed information about existing and prospective programs, particular workplace considerations and conditions, areas of risk and potential liability. The most common audits and inspections are…

  • Compliance Assessment – to evaluate level of compliance with OSHA, EPA, DOT, etc., standards, to identify possible violations and associated potential fines,
  • OSHA-Simulated , EPA-Simulated, DOT-Simulated – conducted as if by official from regulatory agency,
  • Company Policy Adherence Assessment – to evaluate level of compliance with established company policies, procedures, and practices,
  • Employee Safety Program Routine Inspection – the most common inspection performed by IN source for clients done to ensure that established programs and procedures are being followed; these identify workplace deficiencies, hazards likely to injure employees, provide an independent and objective view of workplace conditions,
  • Safety Program Needs Assessment – usually the first step with new client to determine current status of overall safety program and written plans, the regulatory standards that apply based on types of work being done, what needs to be included in program, what steps need to be taken to get a solid program in place.

INSOURCE Workplace Safety Professionals essentially tailor the scopes of audits and inspections to the objectives of clients and their safety programs. Inspections can even be carried out to focus on narrowly defined objectives, to include such targeted purposes as…

  • Construction Site Surveys,
  • Lab and/or Workshop Surveys,
  • Slip, Trip and Fall Assessments,
  • Manual Handling Risk Assessments,
  • Office Safety Evaluations,
  • Ergonomic and Workstation Surveys.
Some audits and inspections may include detailed follow-up reports listing probable/possible violations, associated regulation references, and potential fines. All audits and inspections are conducted in consideration “best practices” recognized and accepted by safety professionals, and always…with consistent awareness of compliance with OSHA, EPA, and other regulatory agencies.
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